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Welcome to the Vortex! This is the home of the future game Vortex! I am still laying out the groundwork on the project and developing the site, so bare with me as I get everything settled. For now I'll put everything on this page, as there isn't much to be put up.


Friday, July 8, 2003

I am attempting to aquire several resources to aid the development of Vortex. Until I can obtain these, production will be restricted to documentation, as well as expanding this site.

My initial hopes of running test servers once I get to college have not panned out. I have learned that servers cannot be run off of the school's network. I have not seen any details of this restriction, so there may still be hope.


The Vortex will be an online, multiplayer RPG, mixing the best elements from Role Playing and Action games. Fighting will be done in real-time, in a style similar to Seiken Densetsu games (Secret of Mana). Boss battles will take place in traditional, turn-based RPG style. Players may join forces to battle, and combine attacks in boss battle to create powerful double attacks reminiscent of Chrono Trigger.

Because of limited resources, client and server will be merged through the first few phases. Test games, hosted by me, as well as prebuilt binaries will be set to a maximum of 10 users in chat tests, and 4 in gameplay tests. It will be possible to change this setting by modifying the source. Gameplay tests are still far off, as I am only building the chat system now.

Status of Project

Phase 1 - Mercury

+ Text display

- Text input

- Chat server

- Basic chat functions

SourceForge listing

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